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Fiesta has built up years of experience in B2B solutions for the breakfast cereal, baking, and ice cream industries. Recently we have invested in a new private label packing line for the retail industry. As a leading global player, we serve a wide range of customers from more than 5 continents worldwide. Get to know our products and discover more about the wonderful world of coconuts.

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We supply in bulk, and provide premium service wtih guaranteed quality to the confectionary, vegetable drinks, and baking industries. If you are a food manufacturer, message us via whatsapp or email us.


With two new lines for packing grated coconut and virgin coconut oil, we are ready for retail private-label expansion. If you are a retailer, message us via whatsapp or email us.

Food Broker

For non-coconut products, and since most of our customers are B2B brand owners, some have relied on our salesmanship to close important deals with the world's biggest supermarkets.  If you are a brand owner who wants to expand, message us via whatsapp or email us.


So much quality? GREAT!

A wide variety of excellent chocolate bars for retailers of any size.

Inovative potato chips with exotic flavors such as wasabi.

Caperberries from Morroco, and pickled in Spain for retailers.

Pickled garlic cloves for retailers.

Toasted Coconut Chips

Toasted Coconut Chips

Long and wide dried coconut meat. Generally used by the baking and dried fruit industries. For private labels, it is usually sold in 140g and 250g bags.

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Almonds made in Spain

Best of the best, Spanish varieties like Marcona, Common, Belona, etc. Generally used by the breakfast cereal and dried nuts industries. For private labels, it is usually sold in 150g, 250g bags and 250g and 750g jars.

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Tigernut (Almond Earth Nut)

Liquid tigernut extract. Generally used by the cosmetics industry. Available in bulk 1000L IBC

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Virgin Coconut Oil

Pure coconut oil, unrefined, virgin. Generally used by cookie and yogurt industries. For private labels, it is usually sold in 375mL, 450mL and 500mL PET jars.

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We are manufacturers of all derivatives of coconuts from the Philippines with roots in Sri Lanka. We have had more than 150 years of experience in the coconut industry.

Our roots trace their origins to an Englishman named Henry Vavasseur who invented the drying process of desiccated coconut using tea drying ovens in Sri Lanka in the 19th century. He then moved his factory to the Philippines in the early 20th century. Due to better fiscal landscape during the turn of the century. This factory is now located in the island of Mindanao and is called Axelum Resources Corp.

We learned the rigors quality assurance through our coconut roots. In 2023, we have implemented our business plan of scaling up to other product lines such as chocolate bars, potato chips, capers, garlic, etc. to serve the retail market globally.

born in sri lanka, grown in the Philippines, Expanding from Spain to the World.

THERE ARE ABOUT 400 million COCONUT trees in the philippines!

SUSTAINABLE farm-to-table private label

Fiesta Ingredients Spain has access to farming assets in the Philippine Islands. We are looking for Private Label partners who are interested in planting fast moving soft commodity trees through our foundation, Dax Aid, Trees like coconut, cacao, and coffee, etc. We are looking for supermarket private label owners who are interested to vertically integrate their sourcing.  Engage with us by reaching out via whatsapp or email.

Our high quality standards

Focused on quality. Always. At Fiesta we strive for only the very best. With state-of-the art machinery, the finest raw materials, competent and satisfied employees, high-level certificates and a premium service, we make the difference.